Saturday, August 13, 2016

August 13, 2016

Happy Saturday! 
Supposed to get some rain this weekend - we sure need it! (think brown & crunchy - like my yard :(  )  Don't need flash flooding though...

Just want to invite all you peeps to check out my new FB business page: Anna's Creative Beginnings...if you like it, please click LIKE on that page - also any recommendations or suggestions would be welcomed - I'm still learning - LOL!

Not to be a nag (yea, right) - but don't forget that the items in the Seasonal Expressions 2 catalog will be expiring in a couple of weeks and will be no more - especially check out the Kits: Calypso, Florence, and Magical - I really liked these kits and will miss them when they are gone...(check under the Retiring Soon tab) and order now to get them while supplies last or Sept 1...

Thanks, be safe, and tell those you love that you love them...I'll be back soon!


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