Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016

HAPPY MONDAY!! (or hello K-cup #4...)

Well, school is about to start so special prayers go out to all my teacher friends (I still think some of you guys should get hazardous duty pay too...but that's for another day.)

Thank you for being here!  There's a couple of thing that you might want to check out here - first, there's a good article under the Other Stuff tab that fits everyone (because everyone is creative, remember?) entitled 

"Why Creatives Need Sleep Time to Thrive" - catchy title, huh? 

My dog Ginger practicing the concept...

Also, under the Cricut tab, you can see the brand new FLOWER MARKET Cricut Collection that is becoming one of the favorites of papercrafters everywhere - and you can only get it from a Close to My Heart consultant (contact me for more information or just order it online on the Shop tab...)

Finally - a reminder that three (3) very popular KITS are expiring as of Sept 1 and will no longer be available...If you like the all-inclusive kits, including cutting guides and directions, paper and embellishments, order yours today HERE 

Have a great rest of the day - and don't forget to create something!  -Anna

Calypso Kit (G1109)
Florence Kit (G1107)
Magical Kit (G1108)


  1. Your blog is wonderful!
    Good job Anna.

  2. Your blog is wonderful!
    Good job Anna.