Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kindness Changes Everything...

Hello out there to all my friends, and future friends! Happy Wednesday to all!

I am so excited about September - first, (hopefully) no more 100+ degree days/nights...; second, September is National Stamping Month and to celebrate, CTMH has a Sept Special called "Kindness Changes Everything" presenting a Create Kindness card kit!

I have this kit and have already made some little kindness cards to leave in various places to surprise people and remind them (and us) that we are all special.

The link below is to a 45 sec. video with ideas for using the Kindness cards during your day - take a look - these little cards are so sweet to place in a shoe, on a cookie tray, in a lunch get the picture...Check it out below:

The kit itself is jam-packed full of goodies! You can make 24 - 3" x 3" cards, 6 each of different colors and designs, including envelopes. It also comes with 8 different stamp sets to choose from, as well as a mini-stamp pad, an acrylic block and a great storage box.  It's only $46.95 (about $10 off retail price if you were to price each of the items out separately).

24 - 3"x 3" cards, 6 each of different colors and designs
24 envelopes
8 different Stamp sets to choose from
Mini stamp pad (black)
Acrylic block
Storage box (I have several - they are great to use for other supplies too)

Special price for September only is $46.95 (about $10 off retail price if you priced out each item separately)

The picture doesn't do it justice! 

Anyway, the Create Kindness card kit is fun, quick, flexible and a great value - I'm going to get some to give as Christmas presents this year!!! (but have to purchase no later than Sept 30!)

 *If you would like more information, or want to order this kit(s), send me a message and I'l be glad to help - thanks!

Have a great week and practice Random Acts of Kindness every day this week - It will bring a smile to someone else and will warm your own heart - I promise!

Peace out,